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I Am Bored

Hello people, it is slow boring day.  First I am going back to the Sixers.  I think everyone can agree that the Sixers do not beat a healthy Bulls team, but injuries are a part of every sport.  There is no reason why we cannot enjoy this unexpected ride.  Furthermore the Sixers have a real chance to get to the conference finals.  Maybe I am in the minority but I do not care why they are where they are.  I am going to enjoy this however long it lasts.  Another thing, what if the  NBA actually grows a pair and Dwayne Wade  gets suspended for his cheap shot in last nights game.  They are already in a tougher series then they anticipated.  The Eastern Conference could get very interesting.  I finished “Like Any Normal Day” it was very good, although not at all like any normal day,  and as I expected got a little emotional.  I want to take this moment to thank my sister for calling me out in her comment to my last post.  If you did not see it I included part of it .  ” Have you ever heard of anyone dying from emotions or feelings? Your comment about your current read and emotions is interesting- care to explain further??”.  Thank you Lisa and no I do not think I will be explaining any further right now, maybe in some other post.  It will have to be enough to know that I did survuve.  I started reading “Walking Ollie” by Stephen Foster.  It is about a first time dog owner and obviously his new dog.  I will have a full report later but so far it is good.  Gotta get, see ya in the wash


I Am Not Feeling Very Inspired

Hello people, as the title says I am not feeling much inspiration the last couple of days, but I want to remain somewhat consistent.  Late, if done often enough is consistent.  Right??  My safety net today will be my reading.  I have realized that by telling you what I am reading, and what I think about it, I am by default keeping a log of the books I read.  Which is something I have often thought about but never got around to doing.  I finished “On The Brink”  and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am evening thinking about an economics class.  I know it sounds crazy but I think I would like a better understanding of what I read.  I am not sure that higher learning will really happen but it is in my head for now.

I have started “Like Any Normal Day” by local author and sports writer for the Philadelphia Daily News Mark Kram Jr.  To be honest I am not sure this is a book I would read without some prompting, but I have been prompted so here we go.  I am going to get too wordy here, because I don’t want you to get the wrong idea about the book, and I am not sure how to explain myself.  I fully expect to enjoy it, but I think it is going to be an emotional read.  I will keep you posted.  See ya in the wash. 


Not The Usual

Hello people, I hate to start this way but i have a strong need to complain.  This is a little out of the ordinary for this outlet, so I hope it does not scare anyone away.  My complaint is with Reggie Miller, during the national broadcast of the Sixers/Bulls playoff game on Sunday.  He suggested that the Sixers are afraid to play the Miami Heat, because Evan Turner said he thought”the Sixers matched up better with the Bulls”.  Does any Sixer fan disagree with that sentiment???  The Sixers went 1 and 2 against the Bulls and 0 and 3 against the Heat and lost in similar fashion to both teams, close losses and not so close losses.  I do not think I am the only one who agrees with Turner’s assessment.  My feeling, as a fan and no expert is that the Sixers have a better chance to beat the Bulls than the Heat.  I do not understand why a player is not ok saying one matchup is preferable to another.

Enough about that.  Is anyone else watching The Game of Thrones??  I know you are, and if you are not may I say you should be.  It is the fastest hour (or 50 minutes) on television, and every week it leaves you wanting more.  Then of course the shear pleasureof talking about it with anyone else watching it.  Having read the books I was hooked with just the idea of a series, and let’s face it HBO is top notch.  I think the begining of the first season was a little hard to follow for people who had not read the books.  But once you get familiar with everything it is truly ‘must see tv”.

Finally the painting is done, and it does look great.  I am going to post a before and after picture sometime soon.  We are getting close, close enough to talk about doing some coffee buying and tasting.  My week would not be complete without an update on my reading.  “On The Brink” is very good, although the financial aspect is still at least partly over my head.  The story is fast paced and well told.  That’s all for now.  See ya in the wash 

I Will Think Of a Title Later

Hello people, I had intended to do this Sunday night but I decided to wait until we got our book delivery.  We made a decision about one month ago to bring in certain new titles.  One of those titles is the new Stephen King “The Wind Through the Keyhole” the latest Dark Tower novel.  Well we got them in yesterday, and we are very excited.  That’s not all!!  We also recieved several copies of all three volumes in “The Fifty Shades Trilogy”.  Moving along, while not much appears to have gotten done on the cafe, we made tremendous progress on the bookstore side, cleaning and reorganizing. We have gotten most of the furniture for the cafe though.  It looks like the cafe side will not be officially open until the second week of May or so, stay tuned.

I decided to read “On The Brink” by Henry Paulson.  If any of you saw the HBO movie “Too Big To Fail”.  I believe the movie is based on this book.  There is a fair amount of background information but things move pretty quickly, so far I am enjoying it.  Even though I don’t know much (read anything) about the financial markets.  OK gotta get, see ya in the wash.


Late Again

Hello people, when you get to know me better you will realize I am rarely on time.  Well, I finished “Imagine” and all I can add is that it was very good right up to the end.  It has really made me look at creativity differently.  Work at the cafe is still progressing nicely, we are ready for paint and kitchen fixtures.  We are putting the bookstore back together again, what a mess, but like the bionic man we can make it better, faster, stronger or at least more organized.  On a slightly different note but still about the bookstore.  Everyone should have the pleasure of a landlord like ours at the bookstore.  Yes I said pleasure, we are lucky to pay these people rent.  How crazy is that to say or hear??  We could never have imagined how well a couple we met only 20 months ago would treat us.  To be perfectly honest I am not sure the bookstore could have survived everything that has happened, especially in the last 6 months, without them.  We are very lucky.  Ok back to normal I have no idea what to read next.  Until next time see ya in the wash 

Better Late…..

Hello everyone, I’m late and it’s late but better late than never, right.  Well I’m still working on “Imagine: How Creativity Works” and I have to tell you it is still very good.  I always thought of myself as not the creative type.  According to this book everyone has a certain amount of creativity.  I am not sure to what extent this is true but I am going on the hypothesis I have as much as the next person.  I just have to find ways to tap into that creativity.  And apparently there are ways to do just that, but it seems more difficult the older we get.  There clearly has to be an I don’t care attitude, at least in terms of putting something out there and knowing some of the people are not going to like it.  So this blog is my initial attempt at stimulating my creative side.  Any feedback is good feedback.

        Moving on, we are still a little behind on our expansion.  If you are not already aware “The Book Asylum” is a used bookstore in Blackwood N.J.  We are expanding and part of our expansion is going to be a cafe/coffee shop.  Well things have progressed to the point that we are within one week of painting.  Knowing I am not objective about how things look.  Let me say they already look great and we are not done.  That’s all for now, see ya in the wash.


Another Rewind

Ok people I have changed again.  I feel bad saying this but I found a little hard to use, maybe it is just me.  I really have no idea what I am doing.  So once again I have reposted so all (a whole 3) of my blogs are in one place.  I am planning on this being the start of something pretty cool.

      Well folks, who would have thought…  I would be blogging??  I guess it adds a personal touch.  I just have to remember to keep up, and spell check of course.  This is all very exciting, we sold our first book on ABE this week and just today we sold our first two through our own website.  My brother was our first Ebay customer and our first “” customer.  Thank you Matt!!

For those of you who don’t know we are expanding.  Not only more shelves, which are a must, but we are going to have a small cafe/coffee shop.  We are hoping to be ready by the end of April.  We will keep you informed.  That is going be all for now, I do think I could get used to this though.  See ya in the wash.

Good Sunday to everyone. I hate to say this but I’m not really feeling it today. It is a good day to sit in and read a good book.  On that note, I have been reading almost exclusively non fiction.  Not reallysure why, but I am enjoying it.  “Quiet, The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain.  Very fascinating stuff, makes the quiet people feel ok about it, and that can take a long time.  Then “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.  Again a most interesting book that will really make you take a look inside.  Throw in a little “Fletch” by Gregory McDonald.  Loved the movie and I never knew it was a book,duh.  A fun easy read and the good news is there are 7 or 8 more.  And now “Imagine How Creativity Works” by Jonah Lehrer.  I am not very far along but I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Sometimes it is very helpful to have something you long suspected explained, and explained well.

Well after a slight delay we will be working next door this week, not just demo either.  We will now be stocking certain popular new (yes new) books, like “The Hunger Game”, “Game of Thrones”, “The Help” and the newest Stephen King Dark Tower Novel “The Wind Through The Keyhole”.  I do not yet know when we will recieve the new King, it is not due out until April 24th or so.  We are able to buy well so we can sell at a little under list price.  Not too bad for not really feeling it, have a good week.  See ya in the wash.

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Let’s face it I don’t think there is any everyone at this point, I’m not sure there is even an anyone.  Let’s not focus on that, you are all reading and I’m just not inspiring you yet.  Unfortunately I probably have more of the same drivel.  Work next door is progressing nicely, we are very happy with the way things are looking.  The flooring and trim should be done by the end of the week, then paint and book shelves.  I can’t wait!!  The additional shelves are what is going to make me the most happy about our expansion.  I am going to keep it short this week and pretend to do some real bookstore work.  Se ya in the wash